The service can be used for FREE for an unlimited time on Windows/ Linux/ Android and for a FREE but only for a limited time on Mac/ Osx and iOS (iPhone/iPad,iPod).
The free service uses free servers in Europe. To use a faster and dedicated VPN network with servers in more than 20 countries, you can subscribe to the
ELITE version at the following prices:

- 1.99$ a month or 9.99$ one year for iPhone and iPad,
- 4.99$ 3 months or 9.99$ for Android phone and tablets,
- 1.99$ 1 months, 10.99$ 6 months and 19.99 12 months for Windows Mobile phone and tablets,
- 2.99$ a month or 19.99$ one year for any kind of computers (Windows,Mac,Linux).

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The service in instantly activated and can be paid for directly from the application!

Please note: You can share the same subscription on both your iPhone and iPad.

We accept payment by:
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