From the main menu window:
Vpn One Click for Mac

on the right side of the screen you will have the option buttons to buy the service for 1 month, 6 months or for yearly subscription;

Pasted Graphic

After the payment you will be redirected to a download and profile configuration page that will configure your system automatically or you can decide to configure you Mac Computer manually by following the detailed instructions.

On the left hand side of the page you you will find the flag buttons, click on one of them to start your connection (after you have subscribed of course!)
Click on one of the flags to connect, wait a few seconds, you will notice your connection status will change on the right side.
The connection will use the Vpn Protocols l2tp/ipsec or if not open it will use the pptp protocol.
The “world” flag will randomly connect to one of the VPN servers.

If the Vpn connection fails, you may have to open the firewall ports on your local network. More details in our support wiki.
In any case you can use the
Proxy service when the vpn doesn’t work, clicking on the the second group of flags.