Pasted Graphic 9 Vpn One Click allows you to navigate and communicate with any other Internet application, email, web,VoIP and so on.. completely ANONYMOUSLY and it guarantees PRIVACY, nobody can track, spoof or tap your activity;

Pasted Graphic 9 Vpn One Click encrypts ALL your Internet Communication using encrypted PPTP protocol at 128 bit or L2tp/Ipsec 256 bit;

Pasted Graphic 9 Vpn One Click will automatically connect you to our servers using an encrypted tunnel. Your real Ip Address will be hidden and safe from external access/attack;

Pasted Graphic 9 No relationship is kept between your connection and the IP address that you use to communicate with the outside world;

Pasted Graphic 9 Vpn One Click servers are located in many different countries: USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Hong Kong,Singapore, Japan,India,Iceland,Panama,Chile,Czech,Hungary,Poland and Austria

Pasted Graphic 9 Every time a connection is made the server changes, providing you with even more security. If you wish you can also opt to keep the same IP address;

Pasted Graphic 9 Vpn One click is the only service that GUARANTEES your privacy, NO connection logs are kept and no personal data is needed to subscribe to our service!

Pasted Graphic 9 Vpn One Click also provides you with an additional virtual firewall to protect your connection;

Pasted Graphic 9 You can use it on every iPhone/iPad or Mac Computer that you own with only one subscription (multiple subscriptions are required for different computers);

Pasted Graphic 9 Super fast connection and no traffic limit with Vpn One Click!

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Vpn One Click for iPad
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Vpn One Click for Mac
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Vpn One Click for Android
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Vpn One Click for Windows
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